Custom Aluminum Hull

Standard Barge Style Hull

This is the style hull typically used on most houseboats. It is the most inexpensive to build and has a more blunt bow similar to a barge. It lends itself well to beaching and is a good option if you are only planning on short range trips on inland lakes.

Displacement Hull

The Displacement Hull is designed to split the water instead of pushing it. The front of the hull is deeper in the water with a sharper more vertical entry. The rear of the hull rises at the rear which releases the water and gives the boat a push. The result is increased speed and greatly improved tracking (the ability to drive the boat in a straight line). Wake from this style hull is over 50% smaller than a barge hull. We strongly recommend a displacement hull for buyers who will be traveling significant distances in their boat or those who are concerned with improved performance and handling. If selecting an inboard or V-drive option, this hull lends itself best but they can also be installed in a barge hull.